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Daniel Decker


My name is Daniel Decker, I am a spirit filled Christian who was born and raised in Israel. Today, I am the Director of Jerusalem Eternal Tours, ("JET").


Everything started with my late grandfather, Rev. Robert Decker, he has served over 60 years in full time pastoral ministry at Baptist churches throughout New England. He personally brought Christian pilgrims to Israel on a regular basis on more than 20 occasions. Growing up, I would always look forward to spend time with my grandparents as we explored the Holy Land  together.


My father, Pastor David N. Decker, is an Evangelical Christian missionary who has lived in Israel continuously since 1980. He obtained a bachelor degree in Meteorology at the Penn State University and soon after moved to Israel as a devout Christian Zionist, where he raised a family of 5 children. From 1985-1990, my father was employed by Pat Robertson (METV) and became the first meteorologist (weatherman) who has ever broadcasted detailed weather information on the Television in the Middle East. 

Daniel Decker

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